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Worried about other motels in town that are getting all the attention? If so, it’s time to upgrade your strategy and move onto Pay per click advertising for quick leads.

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Invest in PPC advertising for motels to confirm unlimited bookings and visits

Since the internet has become the epitome of information, people search everything using Google whether they want to choose the next tourist place or consider a motel for their stay. They rely on the internet for all the accurate information. That’s the reason, competition is quite tough today. If you want to get more potential leads, you need to show up at the top while beating other players in the industry. And this is only achievable with pay per click advertising. 


Yes, this is the only method that attracts an audience who is already looking for your motel. The strategy brings more clicks, more leads, and unlimited website visits. Contact our specialists to learn the benefits of this strategy for your industry.


How do PPC campaigns for motels work?


PPC advertising involves creating ads for search engines as well as social media channels for better visibility while paying them a specific amount. When you search motels on Google, you will most likely find multiple listings tagged with the word “Ad” with all the results you see, these are basically PPC ads launched by different motels. Now, these ads incorporate keywords that are searched by the target audience and more likely to rank your ads in Google.


In terms of budget, PPC is the best strategy to consider. Because you won’t pay a cent if your ads are not get clicked. You are also not paying anything if the ads are getting impressions. You will be required to pay when somebody clicks the ads and then visit your landing page.


Sounds complicated? No worries drop us a line and share your concerns with our team to get started today.


PPC strategies for motels that help reach the right target audience


Search engines are the prime hot spot to find motels and other hospitality industries. To ensure that your ad ranks at the top in search results, we need to implement several PPC strategies that help reach the right target audience and improve your guest visits.


Targeting the right keywords


One of the basic steps in every PPC strategy is focusing on the right keywords that are used commonly by your target audience. Our experts perform detailed keyword research for your industry and come up with the right set of search terms to include in your ads.


We make sure that we target long tail and competitive keywords that are more specific in nature as they bring maximum clicks and visits and also have fewer costs than short-tail keywords. For example, ‘the best motels in New York’ is a long-tail keyword that contains more than three phrases and defines audience needs with the location.


We use several tools and software to find the right keywords for your industry so we can target accurate results based on your expertise and niche.


Creating ads that convert


After identifying keywords for your campaign, the next step is to create ads that convert visitors the moment they come across your listing in search results. 


To make that happen, our experts create a catchy title, unique description, engaging headings, and effective call to action that specifically reflect their needs and make them think about your offer.


We make sure that the ads feature competitive and long-tail keywords that are searched by the audience. By doing this, you can easily rank your listing above others in the competition.


Building effective landing page


When your audience clicks ads, they immediately direct to the next destination called a landing page. Now, this is the main page this is responsible to bring conversions and engage an audience and convince them to act using a call to action buttons. 


That’s the reason, we make sure that this page is created effectively by incorporating all the keywords. We also build a page that truly reflects the content of the ad, so that your visitors feel the relevance and take interest in checking the whole page. Because the ad content is different from the landing page, then your audience might leave the page immediately after reading the first two lines.


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