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Looking for winning social media marketing strategies to crack the construction industry? Let us help you rock the social world with super effective social media plans.

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Grow a strong customer base with social media marketing for builders

Most home builders think that social media and the construction industry don’t go hand in hand, and social media is only best for promoting food, clothes, and other stuff. But the fact is, social media platforms are not only reserved for product-focused industries or e-commerce websites, but these also go well for home builders who want to build a strong customer base.


At Hukumat Networks, we help you accomplish your objectives by maintaining a strong social media presence on all the channels. If you want to explore how it works for your industry, contact us today, and let’s create a custom strategy.


Why does social media for custom home builders be effective?


Social media marketing is the cornerstone of your successful home building campaign. Because some popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube increase your brand awareness and engage your clients directly with some informative & interesting posts.


Our experts make sure that they respond to each comment & message so you can better interact with people who might hire you for their next project. Social media marketing for custom building projects is quite effective because you can engage with dozens of interested people daily, and help them explore everything about your services. Our experts openly engage with people who question your services, and then we follow all the tricks to interact and convert them as your lifelong customer.


So, if you want to make your campaign more effective, connect with our specialists’ team and let us craft a suitable plan based on your needs.


Leverage powerful social media strategies for builders for targeted leads


It’s an undeniable fact that you cannot strengthen your customer base without leveraging powerful social media strategies. Our experts create solid social media campaigns that create a bond between you and the customers. Here is a brief overview of some important strategies we implement for effective results.


Share photos of the homes you build


One of the most amazing ways to engage your potential clients is by sharing photos and videos of your current projects that could inspire them to choose you over others in the industry. Our experts explicitly showcase “behind the scenes” views so your audience can easily see and judge everything about your services.


How we share visuals on social networks usually depends upon the type of network we use. For example, Pinterest is best for collecting visuals of homes in various construction stages since our experts organize all the images into “boards”. Likewise, Instagram is also a photo-based platform where we can share before and after images so your audience can get to know most about your expertise. For Facebook and Twitter, we post random pictures of your complete and current projects which can further give an overview of your services and motivate people to choose you.


Ask different questions


As a custom builder, your biggest challenge is finding new customers for your project. So, the best way to gain more new customers and engage them towards your services is by asking different questions that inspire people and motivate them to build a new home for their family. Our experts ask pinching questions like, ‘what stops you from buying a new home?’, ‘what negative thing you have heard about building custom homes?’ and ‘what should be your new dream home look like?’


Asking these questions could be quite revealing and you can know what your customers are thinking about building a new home, what are their dreams, and how long you can engage them.


Share relevant content


People who are visiting your social media profiles might not be interested in building a new home, but they could also hire you for small jobs like home maintenance, get ideas about interior decorating, as well as other relevant topics. That’s the reason when our experts share relevant and engaging content with them, we can simply increase their appreciation level for you, and show how two-way communication matters for the growth of your business.


We share links to interesting articles, photos, and videos, engaging infographics, and research-based posts that educate more about your construction business.

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Need help in running social media campaigns for builders?


Social media marketing may look difficult for the first month, but once we stabilize your channels, you will see an incredible number of leads coming every day. So, if you want to position yourself as an authority, contact us today, and let’s create a strong plan for your home building business marketing needs.

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