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Planning to design or design your website for a software development company? Here are some strategies that offer immense growth and success in the long run.

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Intuitive website design for a software company that gives enhanced experience

Your software development company is only useful for the people if it creates software that is user-friendly, attractive, doesn’t come with a lot of complications or technical glitches. The same thing happens with your website. Because if your website is unintuitive, unattractive, and has lots of errors, it can never impress your visitors and they might leave it before even exploring your products. Thankfully, you can address these issues easily with a well-designed website.


At Hukumat Networks, we have a team of professional website designers who presents your company in the best possible light with a stunning software development website. Give us a call to know how we help you earn more success & recognition by providing the best web design.


Why do you need custom web design for a software company?


When people think of their website design, they usually prefer a visual appearance that attracts their audience. Of course, aesthetics plays a pivotal role in your website, but this is not the only element that makes people stay. If your website is full of errors and lacking a real purpose, then it’s hard to impress people no matter how best your products are.


That’s the reason, our experts put special focus on three important factors such as clarity, consistency, and usability.


 These are the center of your website design and direct people to take your desired action. When it comes to having a website that has easy navigation, conveying a clear and compelling message, then the entire process of lead generation becomes easy. Because you are giving an interactive platform to your audience which helps them explore your services.


Contact us today to get an excellent website for your software development company.


What factors should involve in your software company website?


You do not want to see the same design twice and look for a company that helps you stand out with a compelling website. However, if you want to turn all the visitors into customers, then it’s important to include these factors in your website design strategy. So, no matter what product you sell, your website must include:


Simple and clear layout


If your website is too cluttered with a lot of text, images, and other design elements, then your audience will get confused and couldn’t understand where to go first. In order to combat the lack of attention, the design should be stunning and comprehendible. Including an introductory paragraph, an attractive photo, an effective call to action, or small infographics could be a lot more useful to engage the audience.


Our experts make sure that every element on your page is delivering an enhanced user experience. The header, footer, sidebars, and menus should be the central point that helps people to understand more about your services. We make sure that they follow a logical and easy flow while visiting your website. This helps your website stand out from the competitors in no time.


Easy navigation


When people visit your software company website, they already have clear ideas about everything they want to look at. But the point is, how easy you make them find that information?


If people can’t find what they are looking for in just 1, or 2 clicks, they might frustrate and leave your website without spending a minute. As a result, you will lose that potential customer forever- just because your website has complicated navigation. When we design your website, we think mainly about the visitors, what they want to see, and how it’s easy for them to find their desired information.


That’s the reason, we make sure that your website has easy navigation and all the pages are displayed explicitly at the menu bar. If your website has too many pages, we divide them under subcategories so people can easily find the details they need the most.

This makes people spend more time on your website in discovering useful information and they would love to visit and buy the products again.


An effective call to action


When people could easily find the information they are looking for, the next thing you want them is to convert- whether this means sign up for a free trial, download a product or a brochure, fill out the contact form, or make any purchase. That’s the role of the call to action buttons.


Our experts help you combine such design elements with a powerful call to action buttons that provides people with more information. For example, when you ask the audience, ‘click here to download free’ if they are interested in your service, they must click and visit to get more information. Or when you ask them, ‘learn more about the product here’, you simply give them a direction to convert and get desired details. This helps you increase your conversion rate as soon as people land on your website.


Attractive typography


There are a lot of software development companies that have efficiently distinguished themselves through typography. Using the right font is the key to the success of your website which sets your design apart from others in the industry.


That’s why we tend to stick with some standard fonts in the website content. Arial, serif, and Calibri fonts look decent and attractive, and going a little creative with titles and subheadings is also quite useful to engage the audience and show a positive impression of your company.


Speed and security


Other things that matter for the success of your website is its speed and security. If your website is slow and cannot load within 3-5 seconds, your audience might leave your website without waiting for all the images to load.


That’s why maintaining your website and following all the page optimization tactics might help you score maximum conversions in the long run which also encourages people to visit the website again.


Besides speed, security is also an important consideration. We make sure that your website is secure and protected with SSL. We provide free SSL certification that activates HTTPS protocol and protects the site against malicious attempts. This also helps your website rank high on Google, because search engines never rank the website that offers an insecure and inefficient user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Hukumat Networks help in designing a website for a software company?


Do you know what happens when the product you design is not working properly? People lose interest and consider other options. The same thing happens when your website is not designed properly. If you want to discuss the website design strategy for your business, give us a call now and let us create a smart plan according to your software internet marketing needs.

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