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Keep reading to learn its benefits and the elements necessary for disavowing backlinks.


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Think you have bad links that are killing your SEO? Let us identify and disavow them!

Believe it or not, but too many spammy links hurt your ranking and just kill your SEO strategy. Unfortunately!

When you have lots of qualified links, they will boost your ranking and recognition in search results. But what if you have a lot of bad links too that are just pointing out that the site is not reliable enough and it should be thrown out of the search results?


That’s really embarrassing! 


Well, don’t worry, that’s where the professional help comes. 


Our experts at Hukumat, check up on your links, perform detailed audits and find all the detrimental links that are affecting the health of your website within minutes.

Your Bad links are like your toxic friends that need to be removed right now

Yes, don’t be surprised. We are sure that you must have come across a toxic friend once in your life who disturbed the whole peace and made your life hell.


Well, if yes, then you know what to do next. 


Think of your bad links as your toxic friends which are disturbing the overall quality of your website. Let us force them out from your site so you can have peace!


Let us tell Google that they shouldn’t consider those bad links as part of your website while indexing pages. And this can be only done through disavowing bad links using tools and techniques. Let us shed more light into it!

What is the meaning of disavowing bad links?

When you are disavowing bad links, it means you are going to take a step against removing unnatural backlinks of the site which are not possible to remove by connecting with the technical engineers or webmasters of the website.

With disavowing, you are actually telling Google to not consider or count on those spammy links while accessing any page of your site. You are also highlighting that the links are not useful so they shouldn’t impact the rankings of the site. Therefore, it's important to disavow bad links from your website so you can give your audience a smooth and seamless experience.

And this is the exact reason, most companies hire professionals for disavowing backlinks because it involves technical expertise and many people do not have enough knowledge to manage on their own.

We do not let your website suffer while disavowing bad links

In the majority of the situations, when our experts perform google disavowing, it won’t affect the rankings of your site because Google tells which backlinks are unnatural and which of them are reliable and trustworthy.

When it becomes absolutely necessary, our experts analyze the overall performance of your site and then remove all the spammy backlinks by following disavowing procedures without letting your website suffer with regards to ranking or reputation.

Keep reading to learn its benefits and the elements necessary for disavowing backlinks.

Should I disavow backlinks?

Now you must be wondering should I disavow backlinks for my website? 


What harm do they create if I do not consider disavowing? If you want the answers, learn what our professionals say


Low-quality, poor, and unnatural links can damage the reputation and overall worth of your website in search engine results. 

But why?

Because low-quality websites can never increase their authority in search engine results. The domain score will always be poor.

Your website will look spammy with the quality of unnatural links.

With spammy links, search engines may believe that you are paying to buy links for the site, which can even result in a permanent penalty.

Low-quality backlinks can immediately cause Google a penalty. It leads to a significant drop in search rankings, revenue, and traffic.

Our procedure to disavow backlinks using Google’s tool

In order to disavow backlinks from the site and keep it visible in search engines, our experts follow step by step procedures

Highlight the links that we want to disavow

Now in the next step, we need to list all those backlinks that we want to remove from the site successfully.

Remember, we can only disavow one backlink at a time as there is a space for entering one URL.

Moreover, it’s not possible to disavow the whole sub-path on the site. We are required to mention each URL separately in one line to remove it easily. One important thing is, make sure the file you submit must save with the name “.txt” because Google does not accept if the file is in a word document format.

Upload the list of links to the disavow tool

Now, this is the most important step in the disavowing process. Let suppose you have submitted one disavow list in the past, and now you want to upload another list, then remember the new list will remove the previous list of links.

In most cases people feel it is difficult to submit that list to Google, that’s why they contact professionals like Hukumat that can make the process easy, fast, and effective.

We have a team of specialists who know what it takes to disavow bad links from the site and what tools are necessary that can make the process effective. We analyze all the details of links and then start following all the procedures for disavowing bad links.

Submit text file to disavow tool

In the first step, you are required to open your text file and then submit it to Google’s disavow tool. This will help you create a properly organized and thoughtful request while keeping track of all the backlinks that you need to disavow.

OK, but what happens once we disavow all the bad links?

When we disavow a bad link from your website, Google will shortly assign a ‘NoFollow’ tag to the links. This means the links won’t affect any of the ranking though they might still appear in Google search console as some website that’s linking to your site.


Especially if your website previously incurred a link penalty from search engines, then it’s better to have a reconsideration request.

You can include the list of some domains that you have disavowed while utilizing this request and also the ones you have manually requested to remove.


We are sure that you will receive your response to the request within the period of two weeks. However, bear in mind that recovery time may depend on your Google penalty and total number of qualified links you have left.


And finally, when our experts remove all the bad links from your site, you will experience an immediate boost and growth that leads to conversions.

Types of backlinks we disavow

There are various kinds of links that we disavow for your website.

Internal links

Those links that we exist on your own site and point to other pages on the site.

External links

Those links that you use in your own website, but they point to another website


Links that other sites use and then point them towards your website.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Need help in disavowing bad links? We are here to improve your link quality!

At Hukumat Networks, we have a team of experts who provide the best link-building services and also disavow all the bad links that damage the ranking of your website. However, if you are still on the fence and couldn’t understand the technicalities of disavowing, our experts are here to help. We use tons of techniques and strategies to provide assistance and boost the ranking of your website. 


Connect with our team and let’s get a custom plan for your success today.